Initial Consultation £60

Your initial consultation will last 45 minutes.

This will include a full assessment of your injury and your ideal goals. You will leave this session with a clear understanding of the diagnosis, the long term plan for your recovery and your bespoke rehabilitation programme. Your initial assessment will also include some hands on treatment if we think it is appropriate.

Please note this timeframe only allows us to effectively assess and treat one injury at a time.

Extended Follow Up £60

This sessoion will last 45 minutes.

This session is for people who may have multiple or complex injuries and therefore additional time is required to adequately assess and treat whilst programming the rehabilitation.

Follow Up £45

A follow up appointment will last 30 minutes.

This time is used to review your progress as well as your rehabilitation plan. We will reassess your injury and general progress, continue hands on treatment if required and make any necessary changes to your plan.

Rehabilitation Session £60

A rehabilitation session will last 45 minutes and can only be done at Rigs Fitness.

We have full access to the gym, so we’ve got everything you could possibly need for a comprehensive rehabilitation session. So if you want us to take you through your in-depth programme this is the session for you.

Session Packages 5% Off

Often we can predict how many sessions you will likely need. We offer a discount of 5% on 5 x Follow Up Sessions

Strength and Conditioning Programming £60 a month

Whilst the Initial Consultation and Follow Up appointments will provide a specific rehabilitation programme, there may be occasions where you require a little more. We can provide a bespoke, 7 day a week strength and conditioning programme as part of your rehabilitation. This will be built around certain testing criteria that we use with professional athletes.

This is not a face to face appointment, but an additional service that we can provide to compliment the above appointments.

We’d recommend this for elite or high performing athletes or specific scenarios such as ACL rehabilitation.

Programmes are done in 4 week blocks.